Legal Steroids

neworleanshotel-site legal steroidsMany body builders consider the use of steroids to help increase their body mass but although many of the illegal steroids can produce good results, they are also known for having many adverse side effects. Those side effects include:

  • Baldness in both men and women and women can start to grow hair on their chest and other parts of their body
  • Hallucinations and depression
  • A deepening of the voice for women
  • Can be the cause of acne
  • Can cause an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol as well as being damaging to the heart
  • Can contribute to liver disorders or cancer
  • The breasts of men enlarge whilst the woman’s breasts diminish
  • Kidney disease and fluid retention
  • In women illegal steroids, an increase the size of the ovaries but stop natural menstruation
  • In men, illegal steroids can cause reduced testicular size, lower sperm count and even cause impotence
  • In youngsters illegal steroids can prematurely halt the growth plates, leading to stunted growth

Today however there are legal steroids which have not been associated with any known side effects and so they are becoming increasingly popular. You can learn more about these legal steroids at ut basically they are without side effects because they are all natural as opposed to the synthetic illegal steroids.

Some of the better known legal steroids are:

1. Crazy Mass and this is one of the original legal steroid producers whose products include:

  • Testosteroxn – This is claimed to increase free testosterone levels and help boost strength and energy
  • Paravar – This claims to preserve lean muscle mass whilst reducing fat and increasing strength to provide a muscular look
  • Clentrimix – This claims to burn and cut fat
  • Winnidrol – This is an anabolic supplement which claims to metabolize fat and yet not cause muscle loss

2. Crazy Bulk which claims to provide significant results in just 30 days and their products include:

  • Winsol – This helps to burn hard to move body fat whilst retaining muscle
  • Clenbutrol – This changes your metabolism by raising the body’s temperature
  • Anvarol – This is claimed to raise energy levels

3. Marine Muscle which is said to be the most potent legal steroid available today. Their products include:

  • Alpha – This increases your Adenosine Triphosphate Levels allowing you to train longer and with more intensity
  • Colonel – An ultimate fat burner, this will not only burn stored body fat but will also make your veins pop out to give you a lean, muscular look
  • Increases testosterone to improve muscle and strength
  • Winger – this helps to make you look leaner, giving you a chiseled look

Although all of these are legal steroids and do not have any known side effects, their effectiveness on different individuals may vary and so you should perhaps find out which suits you best by working the most effectively for body and your particular workout routine. Although there are some good legal steroids, there are also some scam products and read reviews before buying and choose wisely.